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Plaque of Doneuimun Gate


  • Artifact No.

  • Period

  • Material

    linden wood
  • Dimensions

    W. 308.0 X H. 115.5cm

첨부파일 :

Doneuimun Gate, also known as “Great West Gate”, used to be at the western boundary to central Hanyang (present-day Seoul). The gate, however, was demolished in 1915 during the Japanese colonial period, and was never rebuilt. Among the plaques hung on the four main gates of Hanyang produced during the Joseon Dynasty, this is the only plaque that remains intact.

On the reverse side of the plaque are the two engravings which read, “辛卯十一月十五日 幼學臣曺潤德奉敎書” meaning “JO Yundeok, a scholar subject with no government post, respectfully wrote the letters at the behest of the king on November 15 in the year of Shinmyo” and “己巳二月十八日 營建所改造” meaning “renovated on February 18 in the year of Gisa under the supervision of the Construction Office”. It is presumed that the year of Shinmyo indicates 1711 (the 37th year of King Sukjong’s reign) and that of Gisa 1749 (the 25th year of King Yeongjo).